Land of Sand RTS title image

Land of Sand -- real-time strategy

Land of Sand is a mixture of grand and real-time strategy inspired by classic RTS games, such as Dune II , Dune 2000 and Emperor Battle for Dune .

As a representative of powerful House you are appointed planetary governor of Foedia -- a desert world known for its harsh conditions and the fact that it's the only source of a rare resource. However two rival Houses, unsatisfied with this decision, declare war on you. You have to defeat them and establish your House rule over Foedia once and forever.

Build, develop and defend your base. Harvest resources. Train soldiers and produce vehicles. Manage optimally your limited fuel and water resources. Struggle with extreme conditions and hostile fauna. Defeat your enemies. Conquer the planet region by region.

Land of Sand will be RTS with global strategic layer: global map divided into regions, which player defends or conquers during RTS missions. In between missions player chooses what region to attack, invests resources in capital base development and researching technologies, gathers intelligence on enemy regions, sends agents to sabotage enemy efforts, negotiates with secondary factions. Capital base progress and global situation influence player capabilities during missions: how much supplies and reinforcements can be obtained, what units and buildings are available, secondary factions attitudes towards player -- they can be allies, neutrals or enemies.