----=== Planet Foedia, land of sand ===----


Once Foedia was an ocean planet, but over millions of years its sun evaporated water, which disintegrated to elements and was lost to space in top atmospheric layers. Now foedian surface is dominated by deserts, old eroded mountains and dry electric sandstorms. Some oases and vegetation can be found only on poles.

This planet may well be called Land of Sand.


There is a plant growing only on Foedia, which has once evolved from algae. This red ochre plant, known as tahlub, is so adapted to harsh desert conditions, that it can sustain itself on moisture drawn from air. Once tahlub is harvested, special refineries process it into tahlubeine. Due to its extreme regenerative qualities tahlubeine is used in production of expensive medicines and rejuvenants. Recent advance in tahlubeine application made it one of the most valuable substances in the sector. It is control of tahlubeine production that caused conflict between Houses on Foedia.

Whoever controls Foedia, controls tahlubeine. However you can't say that whoever controls tahlubeine controls the universe...


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